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International Wilderness Week – coming soon!

International Wilderness Week – coming soon!

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The first of its kind online ‘International Wilderness Week’ will be held from 19th to 23rd October 2020. Five days packed with activities and presentations from all over the world will expand your knowledge on Wilderness. Moreover, the online format will allow Wilderness specialists and enthusiasts to connect with each other from the comfort of their homes. Above all, there will be no travel hassle, a smaller carbon footprint and no danger of catching a disease!

2020 – an important year for Wilderness

The year 2020 was supposed to be an important one for Wilderness. The international Wilderness Conference WILD11 as well as the COP15 Conference on the UN Convention of Biological Diversity should have provided opportunities for Wilderness experts to share their ideas and solutions for the challenges that Wilderness face. Unfortunately, the COVID 19 crisis changed everything. Lock-downs around the world have forced the cancellation of many events or moved them online. However, we are embracing this challenge and are creating a unique event that is accessible live for everyone around the world with internet access.

Meanwhile, we are excited that preparation for our International Wilderness Week is going smoothly and both presenter registration and preliminary participant registration are already open. We are preparing a truly complex and amusing schedule to satisfy everyone’s interest. Expect five days packed with presentations, discussions, workshops, live excursions, Q&As, join-in-activities and much more! Every of the five days will offer 15 hours of content. In addition, we will have presentations from at least 6 continents (maybe Antarctica will also join) every day!

We are proud to create a one of a kind event to bring together Wilderness advocates from around the world. The International Wilderness Week will for the first time address Wilderness issues from all continents and create a worldwide community.

Schedule for the International Wilderness Week

Each day of the international Wilderness Week is divided into three blocks, covering Asia & Oceania, Europe & Africa and the Americas. The three blocks will each be from 10:00 to 16:00 local time with an hour break in the middle. You can join one block, one day, listen to your continents stories only or explore beyond and stay tuned for the whole week. The choice is up to you!

The final schedule for each block is coming soon!

Monday and Tuesday – Wilderness around the world

Monday and Tuesday will be a Wilderness Festival bringing together Wilderness Advocates from around the world. Surely, Wilderness is just as diverse as our beautiful planet. From the undiscovered Wilderness of the deep seas to the eternal ice of the mountain tops of the world. And from the unique wildlife of Oceania across the unrivaled diversity of Asia and the vastness of Africa to the Amazon. During these two days, we want to hear how people from around the world experience Wilderness, what it means to them and how they fight for its future.

Wednesday – Community Day

On Wednesday, we will encourage every participant to venture into Wilderness. Due to the current situation, venturing together physically is not possible. But thanks to modern technology, we can still share the experience of Wilderness. So, take us along to your Wilderness adventure or get carried away to other Wilderness areas around the world. This whole day is dedicated to the many Wilderness areas around the world and the local communities that experience, protect, and look after them. And so, you will get first-hand impressions in the form of live-streams, virtual tours, and prerecorded videos. Share and enjoy videos from unique wild places, and also have a glimpse into the communities with get-togethers, cook-outs and more.

Thursday and Friday – Wilderness Conference

Thursday and Friday will take us from the popular to the scientific aspect of Wilderness. Similarly to a scientific conference, researchers, scientists and practitioners from every continent will present their work. Wilderness is a unique opportunity for science to study ecosystems in their most natural state. Consequently, it reveals dynamics, interactions and adaptations of healthy ecosystems and can help to find solutions to the climate and biodiversity crisis. However, Wilderness is not only important for biology and ecology. Its role in culture and art make it interesting for social sciences. Economists are also learning about the foundation of our economy and existence of intact nature. Therefore, during the conference you will get a closer understanding of the biodiversity and dynamics of Wilderness, its role in research, history, economy, the challenges that it faces and how can science help to tackle them.

Register now!

Are you getting excited already? Because we definitely are! Let’s get inspired and inspire others to protect beautiful, vast, mysterious and unique Wildernesses all around the world!

We encourage you to present your Wilderness story with us. You don’t have to be a scientist or work in environment protection – as long as you have an interesting story to tell or a beautiful Wilderness to present we will be happy to listen to you. If you would like to present, submit your idea here.

If you would like to get inspired, see Wilderness from around the world and hear stories of the others – please sign up.

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