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Uholka-Shyrokyy Luh Wilderness

Uholka-Shyrokyy Luh Wilderness

Uholka-Shyrokyy Luh Wilderness

  • Author: Vlado Vancura
  • Date Posted: Dec 17, 2017
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  • Address: Uholka-Shyrokyy Luh Wilderness

Uholka-Shyrokyy Luh Wilderness

The 7 117 ha Uholka-Shyrokyy Luh Wilderness is part of the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve. The area preserves the largest area of unique old-growth beech forest of Europe and the natural state of the Carpathian mountain landscapes. The Carpathian Biosphere Reserve includes three additional large areas with Wilderness potential: Svydovec, Chornohora, Maramorosh. The Kuziy-Trybushany WILDForest is already a certified Bronze Wilderness. Uholka-Shyrokyy Luh Wilderness represent an outstanding example of undisturbed temperate beech forests and provides a sample of the pure stands of European beech. The area contains a large genetic reservoir of beech, on which many species are dependent and can be associated with in this forest habitat. The Uholka-Shyrokyy Luh Wilderness is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site – Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and Other Regions of Europe.

European Wilderness Quality Standard Audit System

The 7 117 ha Uholka-Shyrokyy Luh Wilderness was audited in 2017 and meets the Platinum Wilderness Quality Standard. The Uholka-Shyrokyy Luh Wilderness also includes the Uholka-Shyrokyy Luh WILDForest and 3 WILDRivers – upper watersheds of Mala Uholka River (7 km), Velyka Uholka River (8 km) and Shyrokyy Luh River (9 km). A European Wilderness Quality Standard Renewal-Audit is scheduled for 2027.

Wilderness information

  • Protected area: Carpathian Biosphere Reserve
  • Wilderness: Uholka-Shyrokyy Luh Wilderness
  • Wilderness Quality Standard: Platinum
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Size of the protected area: 57 880 ha
  • Size of the Wilderness: 7 117 ha
  • European Wilderness Quality Standard Audit: 2017
  • Wilderness Uniqueness: Large contiguous area of old-growth beech and mixed forest, favourable habitat for wolf, bear and many other rare species
  • Number of visitors per year to the protected area: approx. 20 000
  • Number of visitors per year to the Wilderness: approx. 1 000


The Uholka-Shyrokyy Luh Wilderness is the largest areas with contiguous old-grow beech forests in Europe. It is an area of great international importance and a local hotspot for biodiversity depending on spontaneous natural processes and ecosystem dynamics. It contains representatives of flora and fauna, typical for old-growth Carpathian beech forests. The most striking and impressive features of this forest are big trees, the broken tree stems covered with a variety of fungi and the deadwood trunks of fallen trees. The area is a place of permanent population of the brown bears, wolves and lynxes. Typical dwellers are the black stork and eagle-owl. Rich variety of life can be found in the deadwood trunks, such as the protected alpine longicorn Rosalia beetle.

Wilderness Tourism Experience

Access to Uholka-Shyrokyy Luh Wilderness is permitted only for guided tours and for participants of workshops. The Uholka-Shyrokyy Luh Wilderness is located approx. 90 km from Uzhhorod and approx. 60 km from Ivano Frankivsk. The Uholka-Shyrokyy Luh Wilderness is accessible for cars and busses. Two nature trails, in Mala Uholka and Velyka Uholka, provide a unique experience in Uholka-Shyrokyy Luh Wilderness. The trails lead through primeval beech forest, passing the caves in limestone massive, and the karst bridge.

Contact details

Uholka-Shyrokyy Luh Wilderness

Address street: Krasne Pleso Street, 77,

Postal code city: 90600, Rakhiv, Ukraine

Phone: +380 3132 22193


Uholka-Shyrokyy Luh Wilderness Brief

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