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Velyka Uholka WILDRiver

Velyka Uholka WILDRiver

Velyka Uholka WILDRiver

  • Author: Vlado Vancura
  • Date Posted: Dec 17, 2017
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  • Address: Uholka-Shyrokyy Luh Wilderness

Velyka Uholka WILDRiver

The Velyka Uholka WILDRiver spans over a length of 8 kilometres and is embedded in the Uholka-Shyrokyy Luh Wilderness, Ukraine. The Velyka Uholka WILDRiver, together with the small tributary Yavoronskyy Stream, is a typical mountain river with the extraordinary scenery and is surrounded by undisturbed temperate beech forests. The Velyka Uholka WILDRiver (together with Mala Uholka WILDRiver and Shyrokyy Luh WILDRiver) is an excellent example of an unmodified Carpathian mountain river. The Velyka Uholka WILDRiver is flowing through the Tereblya River down to the Tisa River.

European Wilderness Quality Standard Audit System

The 8 km Velyka Uholka WILDRiver (together with Mala Uholka WILDRiver and Shyrokyy Luh WILDRiver) was audited in 2017 and meets the Platinum Wilderness Quality Standard. A European Wilderness Quality Standard Renewal-Audit is scheduled for 2027.

Wilderness information

  • Protected area: Carpathian Biosphere Reserve
  • WILDRiver: Velyka Uholka WILDRiver
  • Wilderness Quality Standard: Platinum
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Size of the protected area: 29 000 ha
  • Size of the WILDRiver: 8 km
  • European Wilderness Quality Standard Audit: 2017
  • WILDRiver Uniqueness: Velyka Uholka WILDRiver is surrounded by old-growth temperate beech forests
  • Number of visitors per year to the protected area: approx. 20 000
  • Number of visitors per year to the WILDRiver: approx. 800


Surrounding of the Velyka Uholka WILDRiver is the largest contiguous old-growth beech forest in Europe. It is an area of great international importance and a local hotspot for biodiversity depending on spontaneous natural processes and ecosystem dynamics. The Velyka Uholka WILDRiver contains representatives of flora and fauna that are typical for old-growth Carpathian beech forests. The area is a place of permanent populations of the brown bears, wolves and lynx. Typical dwellers are the black stork and the eagle-owl. Rich variety of life can be found in the deadwood trunks, such as the protected alpine Rosalia longicorn beetle.

Wilderness Tourism Experience

Access to Velyka Uholka WILDRiver is permitted only for guided tours and for participants of workshops. The Velyka Uholka WILDRiver and Uholka-Shyrokyy Luh Wilderness are located approx. 90 km from Uzhhorod and approx. 60 km from Ivano-Frankivsk. The Velyka Uholka WILDRiver is accessible for cars and busses. The nature trail in Mala Uholka provides a unique experience.

Contact details

  • Velyka Uholka WILDRiver
  • Address street: Krasne Pleso Street, 77,
  • Postal code city: 90600, Rakhiv, Ukraine
  • Phone: +380 3132 22193
  • Website: 

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