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Zacharovanyy Kray WILDForest

Zacharovanyy Kray WILDForest

Zacharovanyy kray WILDForest

  • Author: Max Rossberg
  • Date Posted: Dec 10, 2017
  • Category:
  • Address: Irshavs'kyi district, Zakarpats'ka oblast, Ukraine

Zacharovanyy Kray WILDForest

The 1 332 ha Zacharovanyy kray WILDForest is partially embedded in the Zacharovanyy Kray Wilderness and in Zacharovanyy Kray National Nature Park, Ukraine. Ukraine contains excellent examples of WILDForest. This well protected WILDForest in the Trans-Carpathian region represents a biodiversity spectrum for all Carpathian Mountains. Zacharovanyy Kray WILDForest preserves the natural state of the beech forest in the central part of the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains. Zacharovanyy Kray WILDForest is committed to protect self-regulated natural processes for several years. Recently, the park was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site – Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and Other Regions of Europe.

European Wilderness Quality Standard Audit System

The 1 332 ha Zacharovanyy Kray WILDForest was audited in 2015 and meets the Bronze Wilderness Quality Standard. A European Wilderness Quality Standard Renewal-Audit is scheduled for 2025.

Wilderness information

  • Protected area: Zacharovanyy Kray National Nature Park
  • WILDForest: Zacharovanyy Kray WILDForest
  • Wilderness Quality Standard: Bronze
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Size of the protected area: 6 101 ha
  • Size of the WILDForest: 1 332 ha
  • European Wilderness Quality Standard Audit: 2015
  • WILDForest Uniqueness: Broadleaf beech forest and wild mountain creeks, old-growth beech forests, and peatbogs
  • Number of visitors per year to the protected area: approx. 2 000
  • Number of visitors per year to the WILDForest: approx. 100


Zacharovanyy Kray WILDForest is located in the north-eastern corner of the Carpathians. The purpose of the Zacharovanyy Kray National Nature Park is to protect the representative ecosystems of the eastern Carpathian region, which has high biodiversity, quality WILDForest as well as aesthetic, scientific, educational, recreational and health improving values. Zacharovanyy Kray WILDForest is home to many species, some endemic and rare in the Carpathian Mountains, including newts, white-back woodpecker, beaver, red deer, wild boar, squirrel, and lynx.

Wilderness Tourism Experience

Due to the strict protection of Zacharovanyy Kray WILDForest, visitors are not allowed to visit this area. Nevertheless, visitors have a wide range of opportunities in the park and can enjoy the very unique broadleaf beech forest. Several areas provide very similar experiences compared to the remote Zacharovanyy Kray WILDForest. The Zacharovanyy Kray National Nature Park has around 2 000 visitors annually, which is increasing slightly year after year. The majority of visitors are locals or from within the region. They use mainly areas for picnics or short walk. There are very few hikers who explore the park on their own with backpacks or even go camping.

Contact details

  • Zacharovanyy Kray WILDForest
  • Address street: Partyzanska Str.
  • Postal code city: 90130 Il’nytsya Village, Irshava Distr. Transcarpathian Reg. Ukraine
  • Phone: +380 3144 79002
  • Website:

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