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  • Author: Hanna Ollos
  • Date Posted: Feb 2, 2021
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  • Address: Belene, Bulgaria

Persinski blata Wilderness Candidate

Persinski blata Wilderness is situated inside of Persinski blata Reserve which is embedded in Persina Nature Park. The size of this Wilderness – Candidate is 1 450 ha. The 3 852 ha Persinski blata Reserve was created in 1981 with the objective to conserve a typical example of Danube marshes and its wildlife. The area consists of 4 separated but ecologically linked marshes and lakes. The reserve hosts large, mixed colonies of herons, spoonbills, cormorants and pelicans in the Bulgarian Danube basin.

The area of Persinski blata Wilderness was heavily drained during the soviet era but between 2002-2008, the first ever Bulgarian wetland restoration project was implemented here and the natural water regime was restored. However, due to Iron gate dam on the Danube River and constant fluctuation of the water level, 3 small water gates are still sporadically used to regulate the water inflow on the restored wetland.

European Wilderness Quality Standard and Audit System

The 1 450 ha Persinski blata Wilderness was subject to Pre-Audit in autumn 2019 and meets the Bronze Wilderness Quality Standard. There is a potential after the Quick-Audit to expand Persinski blata Wilderness to a size of approx. 3 500 ha and dramatically increase its Wilderness Quality Standard.

Wilderness information

  • Protected area: Persina Nature Park
  • Wilderness: Persinski blata Wilderness – Candidate
  • Wilderness Quality Standard: Bronze
  • Country: Bulgaria
  • Size of the protected area: 21 762 ha
  • Size of the Wilderness: 1 450 ha (with potential for enlargement to 3 600 ha)
  • European Wilderness Quality Standard Pre-Audit: 2019
  • Wilderness Uniqueness: It is a wetland of great international importance and a local hotspot for biodiversity which depends on spontaneous natural processes and ecosystem dynamics.
  • Number of visitors per year to the protected area: To be verified
  • Number of visitors per year to the Wilderness: To be verified


Persinski blata Reserve is a wetland of great international importance and a local hotspot for biodiversity that depends on spontaneous natural processes and ecosystem dynamics. The area is a very favourable habitat for birds. Colonies of many different bird species live here, including terns, herons, cormorants, gulls, wild ducks and geese. The area is particularly important as a safe nesting spot for extremely threatened species such as the Dalmatian pelican. Furthermore, black storks gather here in autumn and the mute swan nests here in summer. Additionally, there are also many rare and threatened plant species in the area, such as water chestnut, yellow floating-heart or frogbit.


Persina Nature Park and particularly Persinski blata Reserve offers many touristic opportunities. The park can be explored on foot, by bike, boat or with a kayak. It is a very important area for birds, as a huge diversity of birds that depend on water and wetlands live there.

Persinski blata Reserve has limited accessibility due to a currently operating prison on the Persin island territory. Due to specific conditions, there must be an accompanying guide appointed by the park administration. Therefore, also the accessibility of the Wilderness is strictly regulated. The best opportunity to experience Wilderness is on a bird watching trail across the Persin island that gives visitors a window into Wilderness. Additionally, there is also a lot of interesting cultural and historical heritage nearby Persina Nature Park.

Contact details

  • Persinski blata Wilderness – Candidate
  • Persina Nature Park
  • Address: Persina str. 5
  • Postal code city:  5930 Belene, Bulgaria
  • Phone: +359 65 832 684
  • Website:


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